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Here at NANAY, we are pursuing a variety of programs that advance the initiatives of our neverending mission.  The following are our current undertakings. 

NANAY provides elders with cultural and recreational activities, center-based socialization, special transport services, counseling, soft-stretching exercises, shopping assistance, outdoor walking exercises, and caregiver training and support. Computer classes (beginner, intermediate, advanced) are provided on a regular basis. In addition, we provide workshops on caregiving for the elderly.

NANAY Youth is a group of talented young people who are pursuing endeavors that deliver social betterment to the destitute and improve the human condition. NANAY  fosters and nurtures the potential of these young adults, training them to be the Next Generation of Great Leaders.

Advocates for Children and Elders (ACE)  International is a duly registered non-government Organization composed of community leaders and advocates worldwide whose mission is to protect the human rights and improve the lives of underprivileged children and elders in the Philippines through a sustained and effective program of human welfare and development.

Partner Organization  of NANAY 

A not-for-profit, community-supported organization based in South Florida, Drewmarc Mulligan Ministries, Inc. is committed to give homeless disadvantaged and underserved populations second chances, hence, "Mulligan".


Drewmarc encourages, initiates, advances and supports community-based development programs that empower, transform and improve the lives of homeless veterans, low-income families, released offenders and other underprivileged populations by creating jobs, and providing housing, technical education and other supportive services so that they may be effectively reintegrated into our society.

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