NANAY Inc. is a charitable organization made up of individuals who are committed to providing psychological, social, health, and emotional support for youth and elders 60 years of age and older. Its major goal is to preserve cultural heritage and to assist, support and promote the welfare and well-being of youth and elders in the community, irrespective of race, sex or creed. To accomplish its mission, the organization raises funds through grants, public, and private support, within the provisions specified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Dr. Jocelyn H. Bruce, Founder of NANAY

Our Vision

A self-sufficient performance-driven organization that empowers, transforms and improves the lives of low- and moderate-income, minority and disadvantaged individuals and communities.

Our Goals
  • To improve the personal, health and home environment of elders  and youth.

  • To promote the involvement of elders and youth in community, arts and cultural affairs. 

  • To increase the self-confidence and social interaction of elders and youth. 

  • To reduce the loneliness and isolation of elders.

  • To provide job assistance to elders and youth.

Our Mission

To promote the health, welfare and well being of the elders, youth, and community.